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ついにでた!12コアOpteron 6000シリーズは2010年3月に発表

12コアのOpteron 6000シリーズは2010年3月に発表


Opteron 2378 Socket F BOX

X-bit labsによると、12コアの12コアのMagny-Cours(マニクール)と呼ばれるOpteron 6000シリーズは2010年3月に発表されるとのこと。


- 投入予定時期:2010年3月発表
- ソケット:SocketG34
- パッケージ:6コアのIstanbul 2個をMCHパッケージで、HT接続
- キャッシュ: L2 512KB(各コア)、L3 共有12MB(6MB/ダイx2)
- メモリ:4CH DDR3
- TDP:6コアのIstanbulと同じTDP維持
(参考:Istanbulは2.8GHzSEでACP 105W、2.6GでACP 75W、2.1GHEでACP 55W)
- HT Assist(プローブフィルタ)搭載

●Opteron 6000シリーズ(Magny-Cours、45nm、SocketG34)
- 2.3GHz、12コア、L2 512KBx12/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 140W (SE)
- 2.2GHz、12コア、L2 512KBx12/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 2.1GHz、12コア、L2 512KBx12/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 1.9GHz、12コア、L2 512KBx12/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 1.7GHz、12コア、L2 512KBx12/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 85W (HE)
- 2.4GHz、 8コア、L2 512KB x8/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 2.3GHz、 8コア、L2 512KB x8/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 2.0GHz、 8コア、L2 512KB x8/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 115W
- 2.0GHz、 8コア、L2 512KB x8/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 85W (HE)
- 1.8GHz、 8コア、L2 512KB x8/L3 6MBx2、 TDP 85W (HE)


Advanced Micro Devices will launch its twelve-core AMD Opteron “Magny-Cours” central processing units (CPUs) for high-end servers in March, 2010, sources close to the company revealed. AMD plans to unveil a broad family of twelve- and eight-core chips for multi-processor machines with different performance and thermal design power points.

The mainstream line of twelve-core AMD Opteron 6000-series processors will consist of three chips operating at 1.90GHz, 2.10GHz and 2.20GHz. Besides, AMD will also release highly efficient (HE) and special edition (SE) AMD Opteron 6000 microprocessors with twelve processing engines functioning at 1.70GHz and 2.30GHz, respectively. In addition, AMD plans to launch three standard-voltage eight-core chips at 2.0GHz, 2.30GHz and 2.40GHz frequencies along with two HE eight-core processors at 1.80GHz and 2.0GHz clock-speeds. In order to ensure maximum stability, all AMD’s twelve-core processors will come with reduced clock-speed of integrated memory controller and L3 cache (1.80GHz) compared to six-core and quad-core products.

Even though clock-speeds of AMD Opteron 6000-series processors are not high, AMD will still increase thermal design power of Maranello server platform. Based on preliminary information, AMD G34 (1944-pin) CPUs will have 85W, 115W or 140W TDP, which is somewhat higher compared to TDPs supported by existing multi-processor platforms.

The company hopes that its next-generation servers will still offer great performance-per-watt despite of higher power consumption of twelve-core and eight-core chips thanks to increased amount of cores and other innovations of the next-gen platforms. In particular, the new processors will have HyperTransport bus speed increased to 6.4GT/s, which will increase performance scalability, as well as Cool Speed and C1E technologies to reduce power consumption. In addition, it can be expected that Globalfoundries 45nm silicon-on-insulator process technology will improve a bit by the end of Q1 2010.

AMD Opteron “Magny-Cours” processor will be the first chip for the AMD G34 “Maranello” platform designed for Opteron processors 6000-series with up to 16 cores, quad-channel memory interface, 2 or 4 sockets, up to 12 memory modules per socket and some server and enterprise-specific functionality. Magny-Cours microprocessors feature two six-core or quad-core dies on one piece of substrate.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.